We have finished listening to all of the four minute interventions on Part III

Sr. Sally Hodgdon writes: "We have finished listening to all of the four minute interventions on Part III. This afternoon we move into our groups to review Part III and all we heard and to offer amendments to it. This work will continue all day tomorrow. It has been hopeful to hear many ask that we make an option for youth as a Church. Also it is wonderful to hear how many different associations, non-profits and parish or diocesan teams are working with youth in compromised settings or those who want to be a greater part of the Church. One young person who works for Focalari in India spoke of the need for the Church to network more with these groups. I second that idea. Sister Sally"

Escuchando la voz d las Religiosas despuès del Synod2018


Ascoltare la voce delle Religiose dopo il Sinodo


Listening Religious Sisters’ voice after the Synod


Religious Sisters met the Press in Rome: recorded video


Female religious believe synod shows Vatican is making progress on women

Women attending this month’s Synod of Bishops have said that while they believe the process, and the Church as a whole, need to be more inclusive of their presence, they are optimistic about the future, believing progress has been made.
Sister Sally Hodgdon, superior general of the Sisters of St. John of Chambery, said that when she first arrived in Rome from the United States eight years ago, “I found it to be less women-friendly than it is now.”
Having worked with the International Union of Superiors General (UISG) and various Vatican offices, called dicasteries, during her tenure so far, Hodgdon said “there are more women in the diasteries and the congregations helping to make decisions.” “Is there a woman cardinal? No. (A woman) who would be the prefect of a congregation? No, they’re all cardinals. But, are they the ones who are working the ideas and getting things done and bringing those to the cardinal-prefect and archbishop-secretary? Yes. And are they being replaced by more w…

Sisters offer their take on the Synod of Bishops

Seven women religious are participating in the Synod of Bishops on Young People, and offer their unique take on it, affirming that young people are truly being heard.

Sr. Nathalie Becquart from France, Sr. Teresina Cheng Chaoying from China, Sr. Sally Marie Hodgdon from the US, Sr. Mina Kwon from Korea, Sr. Alessandra Smerilli from Italy, Sr. Lucy Muthoni Nderi from Kenya and Sr. María Luisa Berzosa González from Spain are representing women religious at the Synod of Bishops on Young People.
They held a press conference on Monday evening. Before fielding questions, two of the English-speaking sisters provided their unique take on what is happening.
Listening differently Sr Sally Marie Hodgdon, Superior General of the Sisters of St Joseph of Chambéry observes that those participating in the Synod of Bishops came “wanting to do something new” and there is “a sense of openness to what they were hearing”.
In her 4-minute intervention, Sr Sally focused on the first part of the Instrumentum …