Experience of service

I like to share something real and vivid, so I would like to testify the holiness of our young people as a witness. 

I stay in CIAM in Urbaniana University with around 40 delegates, a Cardinal, many Bishops, and many young delegates. Today at lunch time, we, the elders including me, were astonished to see unexpected situation. Our lovely four young delegates began to serve the meals for us. Suddenly the atmosphere of our dinning room was filled with joy and happiness. There was no external force from the elders. Other young people also wanted to serve us at that time. Sadly, they were unemployed. 

The young declare themselves to be open to spirituality. I would like to highlight the potential young generation have. Especially, volunteer work is a clue to their willingness to take responsibility, and their wish to make the most of the talents, initiative and creativity they have (Instrumentum Laboris Art. 27). The free gift of self in love also has a great potential to unite people across the age, the language, the culture, etc. 

For me, one of the main key words in Instrumentum Laboris is ‘the Joy of Love’, and I experienced it not only through the document, but also through the young people who are joyfully living out their Catholicism. 

This Synod, as a “cammino insieme”, has really started a process of a ‘journeying together’. Today our four waiters were busy serving the tables. When they finished their service, they ate larger than usual portions.
Sr Mina KWON


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